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10 Contemporary Painters Reviving Impressionism
Talbot zooms in and out on the natural landscape, applying her quick, vigorous brushstrokes with varying degrees of precision. She brings an Impressionist’s fascination with the ephemeral qualities of light and its effects on color.

                                                     – Maxwell Rabb,


Analytical and visionary impulses mesh in the radiant landscapes of Kamilla Talbot. In her views of mountains and sea, the artist comes to grips with two of 20th-century landscape giants, Fairfield Porter and Charles Burchfield.

                                                     – Stephen Maine

Talbot’s cool, loose-limbed paintings range from close ups of undergrowth to long views, all presented with a sense of urgency and implied mobility. We feel as if the image will change if we look away. The wind will blow, the water will move. And then we are captured by the fact of paint and stroke again.

                                                     –Karen Wilkin

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