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Talbot’s cool, loose-limbed paintings range from close ups of undergrowth to long views, all presented with a sense of urgency and implied mobility. We feel as if the image will change if we look away. The wind will blow, the water will move. And then we are captured by the fact of paint and stroke again.

–Karen Wilkin

Kamilla Talbot

I'm a landscape painter based out of Upstate New York, who works from direct observation and from memory. Painting intuitively constructed landscapes, I am looking for a metaphoric, poetic presence, rather than a literal representation of nature. I am developing a vocabulary of flatness and abstraction which co-exists with the depiction of a perceived, representational space. 

In the studio I sometimes work from my own paintings, imagining the transience of light and letting the painting’s progress inform its direction. Painting perceptually and with invention, I aim to create whole, uplifting statements.

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